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YOU have always been our focus, we take pride in what we do and that’s to make sticks you’ll love.

Remember sticks in the old days where the labels were oh so boring with just the brand name edge to edge and dull names like ultra, omega or 2 random letters were in vogue? Yeah we changed that and are glad that the industry followed suit ;) Design makes a lot of difference and we think it even makes field hockey as a sport look cool!

Don’t get us wrong, a well-made stick is a well-made stick even without all the bells and whistles but there is something to be said about things that look beautiful. At RAGE, the design of our sticks is a means for us to connect with you on a more meaningful level.

But what if we could raise the bar even higher? What if your stick represented who you are as an individual or a team?

Custom Works
Something New
Our challenge was to come up with a system that would be hassle-free. We knew that complex downloadable templates were not going to cut it, that the design tool had to be online which anybody could easily use, that not everybody was going to be comfortable with designing a stick so there needs to be an option for that as well and lastly the turnaround time had to be blazing fast.


This is a one-stop - one page web app that gives you everything you need to create and order personalized custom field hockey sticks. We give you an online tool through which you can put together a design in a jiffy, advanced users can upload their own designs and it even has a bespoke design service where our experienced RAGE designers make an eye-popping design just for you.

All of this at a very affordable price, 2 weeks delivery time and bulk discounts automatically calculated!

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The Service
Simple, efficient & affordable
Just pay £40 for customization, no shipping cost. Delivery within 15 days anywhere in the world.
  • Our RAGE sticks as a Base Model
  • Multiple head/bow options
  • Different price points
  • Use our online tool
  • Upload your own design
  • Let us design for you
  • Select multiple base models in an order
  • Huge Savings when your buy 2 or more
  • Pay in your own currency at checkout
Choose from these
EXTREME (low-bow) 95% Carbon
Bionics (low-bow) 70% Carbon
RAGE Red (low-bow) 50% Carbon
Code-Rage (Standard bow) 90% Carbon
45dayslater (Standard bow) 70% Carbon
Onna (Standard bow) 50% Carbon
Surge 30% Carbon
CX1000 10% Carbon
RAGE Blue – Indoor 50% Carbon
Sphinx – Goalie 30% Carbon
Simple as can be
Custom Stick


Bespoke Design Service


Order Your Custom Sticks

Use this reference tool to indicate what you want your stick to look like and before we process your order, we will send you a high-res design proof based on your given layout.

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